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2008 I incorporated my first company, RiDom Ltd; and offered the full web design service as a part time business - in addition to a full time job. I taught myself SEO and Google AdWords, and pursued a deeper understanding of web analytics and learnt Google Analytics. In the next 5 years RiDom had serviced around 30 clients. This was a busy and exciting time, meeting lots of people and being involved in lots of different projects.

2013 I was offered a fantastic role working as a Web Developer for Virgin Wines; a thriving Virgin Group company.

After 3 years I was promoted to Lead Front End Developer and led the front end team through the build of the new website; a 2 year project which was part of an entire IT restructure across the whole business.

2016 I was incredibly grateful to win Employee of the Year; with the reward being dinner and an evening with Richard and Holly Branson. I can't speak highly enough for Virgin Wines, it's a great company to work for; there are some fantastic people there who believe in the Virgin way of working, they work very hard - but play harder I'd say! This was the year Top Pixel Ltd was incorporated and RiDom Ltd was wound down. All customers that were serviced by RiDom were now transferred to Top Pixel.

2018 After working some cherished years at Virgin Wines - I decided it was time to start working on Top Pixel as a full time operation. Based in Norwich - I have sights on Top Pixel becoming a highly reputable, top class digital web agency in the local and surrounding areas; an agency that people will enjoy working with, whether they're an employee, a client or a partner.

Today Top Pixel will continue to offer expert consultancy and services, and aspire to operate by it's core values:

"Being experts in our field."

"Providing a standard of work to be proud of."

"Being friendly, trustworthy and ethical with everyone we interact with."

"Always being the best we can possibly be."

Virgin Wines Star of the Year 2016
Virgin Wines Star, Employee of the year 2016

Understanding your needs

There are a whole bunch of off the shelf websites that you can purchase for less than a hundred pounds. However, like most industries you get what you pay for and without going into too much detail, these websites are only useful to serve the most basic of needs, they have a low ceiling in terms of opportunity and miss having expert knowledge behind them.

When we meet up and begin talking about your website requirements, we'll make great efforts to understand your business and provide expert guidance from a digital perspective on how we can make it more efficient.

Together we start creating

Help us understand your requirements by quickly filling in our online quote form. We'll get back to you with a rough idea of costs; and will more than likely ask whether you want to meet up to discuss in further detail.

If you are happy with what you have heard at this point, we'll start putting together wire-frame designs based on our discussions and a perception of the potential customer goals. We'll then flesh these out into bespoke designs, and once you are happy we will start building the website. You can see it taking form as we will send you links to view the progress. And when all the tweaking is complete, we'll launch the website live on the internet and give you training on how to watch your customer trends in your admin and analytics tools.

And it doesn't end there, we'll be in regular contact to see how your website is performing. And from there - let's watch it grow!

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