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Website Design and Development

Modern looking and fully functional on all devices.

Fully Responsive Web Design

Fully Responsive Web Design

Every website we build is Fully Responsive to the greatest detail. This means that it will fit perfectly when it's viewed on any sized device. So whether it's a mobile phone, a tablet, laptop or a desktop pc your website will take shape for that device. Google wants to encourage visits to those sites that ultimately give the user a better experience, so therefore a responsive site is a good ranking factor for SEO too.

Along with a bespoke responsive website design, we also focus heavily on page load speed as an optimisation area. People expect to have the same experience on a mobile device as they do on a tablet or desktop when using a wifi connection. Visitors will not hang around if your mobile site is slow, and you will notice high bounce rates and page abandonment from many of your visits. The industry has recognised that users of all devices become frustrated if the page load time is longer than 5 seconds. Google is also ranking websites higher if their load time is quicker; as this contributes to that overall better user experience.

Your website creation will have plenty of input from yourself, as it's got to be a perfect fit for your business. We will design to any brand guidelines you have (or help you create brand guidelines), and build any customisations that you and your business require. Our goal is to ensure the online part of your business is efficient, effective, on brand and delivers that customer experience you are aiming for.

Search Engine Optimisation

A true understanding of what search engines are looking for.

Search Engine Optimisation


At Top Pixel we've gained industry knowledge in SEO since 2008 and this subject is very close to the heart of our business. Our campaigns begin with gaining an understanding of our customers marketing plan. Once we've established this we can undergo some thorough keyword research in their area and identify the targeted audience. We want to get the right people to the website, and this is the main job which SEO sets out to achieve.

Top Pixel will always build a website so it is search engine friendly; and this knowledge has really come from years of experience and truly understanding the way Google and other search engines are optimising their algorithms to make a better user experience.

After the initial build of a Technically SEO friendly site we encourage you to allow us ongoing management, overview and reporting ownership so we can maintain a constant stream of quality web traffic. We’ll deliver monthly reports to your business outlining the work carried out and what impact this has had on visitor numbers.

Website Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Analysing visitor behaviour is crucial so we keep improving.

Website Analysis and Google Analytics

Careful management and site updates driven from website analytics and user journeys

Top Pixel provides monthly reports powered by Google Analytics outlining Pageviews, Referrals, Time on Site, Goals and Enquiries achieved. Painting the picture of how visitors are using the website is critical in knowing whether you are portraying your business in the way you intended.

We can identify areas of the website which need optimising. If we know a certain page is not converting well or this page is where users are dropping out, we then seek to improve this part of the user journey. Top Pixel undergo this by running A/B tests, splitting the traffic so a portion of visitors see version 'A' and the remaining portion see version 'B'. After repeating this process we can really refine our user journeys, so that our users are getting the most out of their visits and finding the information they were looking for. This should improve on the overall user experience and in turn increase the number of enquiries made through the website.

Hosting, Domain Name, and Backup Management

Secure Cloud Hosting to support your website.

Hosting, Domain Name, and Backup Management

A powerful hosting solution provided by our trusted partners

Unless you have your own hosting already in place, we can look after all aspects of hosting, domain name and email account management. We've been working with our hosting providers since 2010 and they are simply fantastic. They offer a 99.9% website up-time guarantee. Every time we have contacted them their customer service has been exceptional, and their availability is 24/7 365 days a year.

With the addition of daily backups for the last 30 days, at Top Pixel we are without doubt confident that every website we host is secure and serviced.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Consistent branding across all advertising mediums.

Brand Creation and Print Media

Only pay for the results. No clicks, no cost.

Whether you have an existing Google AdWords campaign or are wondering if this is an advertising channel you should be experimenting with - Top Pixel can provide expertise.

Google AdWords pay per click is a fantastic avenue to explore - as you know that the advertising is targeted towards your desired audience. The adverts are displayed in the Google Search Results pages (known as the Search Network) and also on other websites through banner display ads (known as the Display Network). Your ads will only show when a visitor has searched for a relevant key term i.e. 'yoga lessons in Norwich' will display adverts which are relevant to yoga.

At Top Pixel we can manage your Pay Per Click budget for you. We can optimise your campaign and search terms, utilise your budget to generate site enquiries - which in turn means more leads for your business.

We can help you to advertise to the right people at the right time, target the right devices - increase and decrease your budget depending on the time of day; we can also target your campaign so ads are only displayed within given postcodes, regions, counties and countries.

Brand Creation and Print Media

Consistent branding across all advertising mediums.

Brand Creation and Print Media

Designs for Business Cards, Flyers, Social Media Banners, Vehicle Signage

Often when we've embarked on a new web project our customers have asked us to rebrand certain areas of their business - and in a lot of cases this starts with the business logo. At Top Pixel we can work with you to build your brand palette; the collection of colours and shades that emphasises your brand image. Top Pixel can mock up and create the final design of your business logo and have this ready in a format which will be compatible for all third parties e.g. A company that looks after Vehicle signage will need your files in certain formats.

Top Pixel has designed for various print media including Business cards, Letterheads, Compliment slips, Pens, Notebooks, Flyers, T-shirts and Vehicle signage.

Project Work and Consultation

Available to help for bespoke pieces of project work.

Specialised Consultation

Offering short term project consultation so you can manage spikes in demand

If you have a business need that would benefit from having an extra pair of technical hands, Top Pixel can provide this service. We can either work on site or remote, and are more than happy mucking in with a new or experienced team, whether this be part way through a project or at it's inception.

Our technical experience includes, but is not limited to: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Responsive Design, Atomic design, GruntJS, Pattern Lab, Mustache, Git, Bower, SVN, JIRA, SEO, PHP, MySQL, Mobify, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Webmasters, Google AdWords, Tag Manager, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Vagrant, Apache, Unix, Java, JSP/JSTL, Velocity.

We are currently researching the following technologies: ReactJS, Laravel and Silverstripe. However, do get in touch if your requirements fall outside of our list above.

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